“My Voice” by Gayle Weisman

Gayle Weisman - 'Survivor'

Today we share the words of an old friend of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and an amazing Poet as well as ‘Survivor’, Gayle Weisman. Gayle shared some of her work with us in June of 2009 and I thought it would be great to revisit with Gayle’s words again today and share three more of her amazing pieces that really resonate. So without further ado, we present you with three amazing poems: “Ouch”, “All Spelled Out” and “Bottle Up” by a woman who truly gets ‘Survivorship’!

Poems by Gayle Weisman:


Stung like a bee
Ones stupidity
Hit me – like a ton of bricks
Intelligence and thought lost in the throngs of chaos
Put two and two together
Not much to ask for
One test, one needle, one check box
Causes hours of anger
Unnecessary pain
Who is to blame, the innocent victim
Has not a clue
The damaged caused

All Spelled Out

Copious notes taken at doctor
A change one can’t explain
No one asks for this
Callous in all forms
Each one affected differently
Rage, rage, racing

Bottled Up

Why do the tears never fall?
Why do tears not shed?
Locked behind bars
They are not the prisoners
Allowed to wander free
Yet aching to help they stand-alone
A reunion, a wedding, a funeral
The eyes are filled wet to the brain
Her tragedy – her pain
Dry like the desert
Locked up – where’s the key?