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“My Voice” by Mike Craycraft

"My Voice" by Mike Craycraft

My name is Mike Craycraft and I am a testicular cancer survivor. What does it mean to me to be a Survivor? Well, as I write this, it is approaching 6 years to the day that I first heard my doctor say, “It looks like it is cancer” so I figured it was a good […]

“My Voice” by Brian Dowd

"My Voice" by Brian Dowd

One night in May 2006 while Kristy, my wife,  and  I were sleeping our daughter Caroline tried to get into bed with us. Though she did this nightly, this night stood out from all the rest. On this night she accidentally kicked me in my groin. It was not an abnormal pain, just a pain. […]

“My Voice” by Robb C. Sewell

"My Voice" by Robb C. Sewell

Lucky Man by Robb C. Sewell One of my all-time favorite musicians is Dave Koz. The man is a most amazing saxophonist — charismatic, and mesmerizing to watch. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of not only listening to his music and attending his concerts, but also interviewing him for a freelance gig. The […]

“My Voice” by Ron Bye

"My Voice" by Ron Bye

Ronald K Bye Long Branch, NJ Diagnosed August 8, 1975 We all have a story to tell.  A good story has a beginning, middle and an ending.  My story has many beginnings and thankfully no ending as yet.  My story is of survival, rebirth, finding my voice and finally healing. Just a few years after […]

“My Voice” by Alistair Shaw

"My Voice" by Alistair Shaw

I guess a lot of people would say I was always a bit eccentric and weird. I liked to be different and thought being normal was boring. I quite often preferred my own company to that of others which is probably why I became so obsessed with long-distance running where I could just get away […]

“My Voice” by Nick Smart

"My Voice" by Nick Smart

Smiling Hooks After recovering from testicular cancer and its complications, I, like many survivors, was faced with the realisation that life is as short as it is sweet, and with the desire to use my time well. I guess the sudden awareness of one’s mortality tends to focus the mind. I decided to follow a […]

“My Voice” by Jase Edgar

"My Voice" by Jase Edgar

My journey as a cancer patient: “I am 99% sure that you have testicular cancer Jason!” Although not a 100% diagnosis, this was it. I was sat before a doctor in a small consulting room within my local hospital’ ER and listened to the words ‘Seminoma’ and ‘Testicular Cancer’, these words rang in my head […]

“My Voice” by Andy Coles

"My Voice" by Andy Coles

You could say my experience as a ‘survivor’ started 6 months after my conception.  I was born 3 months premature, weighing in at a weedy 2lb 6oz; the doctors rushing me into the ICU early on Christmas Eve, 1975.  My parents have always said that I was just impatient to get out because I didn’t […]

Lynn Lane Has a Video ‘Conversation’ with Nick O’Hara Smith

Lynn Lane Has a Video 'Conversation' with Nick O'Hara Smith

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a ‘Conversation’ between Nick O’Hara Smith, a testicular cancer ‘Survivor’ from the United Kingdom and Lynn Lane, the Executive Director/Founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a ‘Survivor’ himself. This is the second part of a multi-part ‘Conversation’ series on Nick’s own cancer, research into the […]

Lynn Lane and Nick O’Hara Smith Have a ‘Conversation’ Today!

Lynn Lane and Nick O'Hara Smith Have a 'Conversation' Today!

Today, Lynn Lane, the executive director/founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a ‘Survivor’ himself sits down for a video ‘Conversation’ with a great friend, Nick O’Hara Smith of the United Kingdom, who is a fellow ‘Survivor’, strong advocate and all around amazing guy. Nick and Lynn met at the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit […]

Lynn Lane and Martin Yalden of Australia Have a ‘Conversation’ Today

Lynn Lane and Martin Yalden of Australia Have a 'Conversation' Today

Today we are treated to a very special and incredibly honest video ‘Conversation’ between Lynn Lane, the executive director/founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a ‘Survivor himself and Martin Yalden, an incredible testicular cancer ‘Survivor’ in Australia. This bi-continental ‘Conversation’ touches on some very personal and ponient issues that many of us face […]

Lynn Lane Has a ‘Conversation’ with Alex Hohmann Today

Lynn Lane Has a 'Conversation' with Alex Hohmann Today

Today is a very special day for the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” because today, Lynn Lane the executive director/founder and ‘Survivor’ sits down with his friend Alex Hohmann, a 2x testicular cancer ‘Survivor’ to talk about Alex’s own ‘Survivorship’ as well as Alex’s new support group that he has formed. Alex is truly a leader […]

“Check Yer Nuts!” by Matt Wakefield

"Check Yer Nuts!" by Matt Wakefield

My name is Matt Wakefield. I’m 29, engaged to a beautiful lady and have two amazing twins, Sammy and Bethany. I also have one nut. Yep, I’m a Testicular Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2000, almost ten years ago. But that was only after ignoring a small pea-sized lump on my […]

“My Voice” by Jason DeSousa

"My Voice" by Jason DeSousa

What does it mean to be a survivor? It means there is a bright future ahead of you. It means that you are one of the lucky ones and you have a unique perspective on life. Some may not see it that way, especially those recently diagnosed. I was diagnosed 21 years ago and I […]

“My Voice” by Andrew Gemmell

"My Voice" by Andrew Gemmell

I still remember March 26th 2008 like it was yesterday, it was a month before my 22nd birthday and I was exhausted from work. Being so tired, I had decided to go to bed rather early the night before. Unfortunately, sleeping was something I was not going to be doing a lot of that night. […]

“My Voice” by Mark Porter

“My Voice” by Mark Porter

I was driving in my car on May 3rd, 1998 when I felt a dull ache in my groin. It felt like a bit of cramp, so I wasn’t too worried about it. The following day, when I got up, the ache was back. With every day that passed the pain increased. After about a […]

“My Voice” by Nick O’Hara Smith

"My Voice" by Nick O'Hara Smith

It was April 1988 and I’d just woken up mad as hell, because I’d failed in an attempt on my life. I’d not taken the decision to end my life flippantly. After all, I’d just survived Cancer, having just been declared Cancer free at the end of my treatment. Life should have been good, but […]

“The Testicle Tour” by Nick O’Hara Smith

“The Testicle Tour” by Nick O’Hara Smith

The “Testicle Tour” came to my attention early in 2009. I’d just joined Facebook to raise my profile. I lost both testicles 22 years ago and am on a mission. My sister says I am obsessed ! She may well be right. Three months after I lost my testicles, I made a decision to abandon […]

“My Voice” by Jerry Kelly

"My Voice" by Jerry Kelly

My first contact with cancer was losing my grandfather to colon cancer. I can still remember my dad struggling to tell me of the diagnosis. The word survivor was never mentioned back then. Thirty years later I faced the same struggle telling my daughters that their grandfather had brain cancer. My dad fought strong for […]

“My Voice” by Andy Anderson

"My Voice" by Andy Anderson

The one phrase that defines me more than any other is ‘Cancer SURVIVOR’!  It’s that simple – but behind that simplicity lies a rather complicated story. I was diagnosed with seriously-advanced Testicular Cancer on 16 May 2000, just 3.5 months short of my 51st birthday. My cancer had spread from the testicle – a grapefruit-sized […]

“My Voice” by Ian Broughall

"My Voice" by Ian Broughall

It was on the 13th of June 1985, and I had made a brief appointment with Doctor Dixon in The Brighton Hill GP Surgery (it is funny how clear all of this still is). Just to have a quick chat. I made the first appointment at 9 a.m., because I had a very important business […]

“My Voice” by Daniel Braun

"My Voice" by Daniel Braun

April 16th, 2001…the day that changed my life. It was an early Sunday morning and I was on my way to work. I noticed a small lump on my neck. I didn’t think anything of it. I went along with my day, but the lump kept getting bigger. By days end, I had a lump […]

“My Voice” by Scott Joy

"My Voice" by Scott Joy

One spring night, I was shocked to find my right testicle was twice normal size. My doctor diagnosed it as a hydrocele. When it kept getting larger, I was referred to a urologist. On June 5, 2003, I had surgery to remove the testicle, now containing a 9 cm tumor. I had already tried to […]

“My Voice” by Matt Wakefield

"My Voice" by Matt Wakefield

My  name is Matt Wakefield, I’m from Birmingham, England and I am a Survivor. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in June 2000, but that was only after ignoring the small pea-sized lump on my left nut for seven months. You know what us guys are like- feeling invincible, and the thought that it may […]