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Betty Shares Her ‘Voice’ on Video

Betty Shares Her 'Voice' on Video

Today’s ‘voice’ has been planned for a very long time…actually it was planned before the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” was a foundation, before it was even an organization. This one was thought out back with VOSF was just a project that I had online after my own diagnosis with cancer. I knew that I was […]

Wendy Schwartz Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

It has been a few weeks since we have last had a ‘voice’ shared. We have been going through some technical backend changes to our server/site and finally we are back up ‘Survivor’ style with a very important and moving ‘voice’! This time we have Wendy Schwartz sharing her powerful story with us in the […]

“My Voice” by Wendy Schwartz

"My Voice" by Wendy Schwartz

At the end of 2003, I was at my gynecologist for a routine checkup. The doctor pressed on my abdomen and said “I think you have uterine fibroids. I want you to get an ultra sound.” At the time, I had no idea that those words would only be the beginning of a very long […]