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“My Voice” by Jean Geraghty

"My Voice" by Jean Geraghty

In late April or early May of 2007 I woke up one morning, and as I was getting out of bed I felt pain in my right breast.  While I was showering I did a breast exam on that side and felt a large, diffuse mass.  I honestly was pretty freaked out and knew it […]

“My Voice” by Melanie Singh

"My Voice" by Melanie Singh

It has been nearly 4 years since that awful day – the day I learned I had breast cancer. I was only 35 years old, and breast cancer does not run in my family. And silly me… I thought that the Universe was done doling out medical problems to me. After all, I had already […]

“My Voice” by David Lewis

"My Voice" by David Lewis

March 30th, 2001, became a day that would change my life forever. It was the day I learned I had breast cancer. Just two days earlier I had a biopsy done in the office where I worked as a physician assistant in a general surgery practice. You can imagine my shock if you consider that […]

“My Voice” by Pamela Grossman

"My Voice" by Pamela Grossman

I should have known not to go for the mammogram in January. Granted, that had not been the plan. I found the breast lump in November of 2007 and had been deep in negotiations with the cancer center since then in an attempt to get squeezed in (bad pun intentional; sorry) for an appointment when […]

“My Voice” by Lainie Schultz

"My Voice" by Lainie Schultz

My story is about Attitude. Being diagnosed with multiple cancers, I’ve found an attitude within myself that I never could have imagined…strength, courage, and endurance all became part of my driven mentality to defeat the big C. It’s comforting to know how incredible you can truly become when you’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening […]

“My Voice” by Karen Schueler

"My Voice" by Karen Schueler

Five years ago I heard those dreadful words, “You’ve got breast cancer”.  It was suppose to be a routine mammogram.  I didn’t have any family history of breast cancer and I never felt a lump. At my annual exam my GYN pointed out I hadn’t had a mammogram in 3 years and encouraged me to […]

“My Voice” by Karen Yee

"My Voice" by Karen Yee

I noticed something was different about my breast.  It looked yellow and a little pinched.   I was 43, and hadn’t had a mammogram yet.  I looked in the phone book and found a listing for “Breastlink Breast Center”.  I went in on a Wednesday for my appointment.  They did a biopsy that day, and I […]

“My Voice” by Cheryl Saul

"My Voice" by Cheryl Saul

Cheryl Saul, age at diagnosis – 51 Survivor of IDC, 2cm, Stage 2a, Pr-/Er-/HER- My life has been met with some pretty tough challenges but the one I have embarked upon this year has been my toughest. Back in 1983 when we were broad-sided in my car door by a speeding drunk driver who ran a stop […]

“My Voice” by Yvette Griffin

"My Voice" by Yvette Griffin

I am a four time Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) survivor. Triple-negative (Tneg) tumors are Estrogen receptor (ER) negative, Progesterone receptor (PR) negative, and Her2 protein negative. Probably about 40% of inflammatory breast cancers are likely to be Tneg.  Tneg BC is one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer (excluding cancer that has […]

Jane Ali Shares Her ‘Voice’ on Video

Jane Ali Shares Her 'Voice' on Video

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a very strong ‘Survivor’ and advocate, Jane Ali. Jane and I have been friends via the internet for quite awhile so it was truly a pleasure meeting her at the recent Liver Symposium and having her share ‘voice’ on camera with the “Voices of Survivors Foundation”. She […]

“My Voice” by Christina Olachia

"My Voice" by Christina Olachia

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative, stage 2, node positive Breast Cancer in 2006 at the age of 32. Life changed for not just me, but for my family. I was dumbfounded, taken back as I had my feet knocked right out from under me. How could this happen? I was so young. My life […]

“My Voice” by April Capil

"My Voice" by April Capil

Cancer came at the most inopportune time – after I had moved 3,000 miles from home to start a cacao farm on an island in the middle of the Pacific. After the bailout contracted my local economy and plummeted the value of my newly-planted dream property on said island. After my online business closed its […]

“My Voice” by Sandra Miceli

"My Voice" by Sandra Miceli

In March 2005, I fell at work and as a result, I needed knee surgery and I had really hurt my back. After a lot of x-rays and physio, it was decided that they couldn’t do anything for my back and that I had to learn to live with my pain. After a few months, I went back […]

“My Voice” by Paula Shelton

"My Voice" by Paula Shelton

First, I never ever thought I would be here or that I would be a “survivor”.  I always do the Susan Komen runs each year and send money in to support the Livestrong foundation and I even wear my yellow band… But last February, February 26th to be exact was when my life changed.  That […]

“My Voice” by Diane Martin

"My Voice" by Diane Martin

I WANT TO REALLY LIVE BEFORE I DIE My Nan and Granddad Christmas had three sets of twins, with my mother being a twin, she met my father who was also a twin they had me and my twin sister Kathy. Within my mother’s family aunties, uncles and cousins there has been 7 types of […]

“My Voice” by Rosie Blankenship

"My Voice" by Rosie Blankenship

Like most Irish-Americans, I feel like St. Patrick’s Day is a fun little holiday that was created just for me! I spent most of my school years in a St. Patrick School, which gave us a great excuse to make March 17 a really special day. We learned Irish-American songs. We looked forward to our […]

“My Voice” by Annemiekeh Janssens

"My Voice" by Annemiekeh Janssens

I just got home, celebrating passing the test for my drivers license as my uncle called us to let us know what the doctor’s had to say about the reason that his 14 year old daughter was tired all the time and had been for the last three months. Their GP had thought she had […]

“My Voice” by Paula McCoy

"My Voice" by Paula McCoy

In May of 2006, I was preparing to move out of province, where I would have work. I was living at home at the time; however, life planned it differently. June 5, 2006 is a day that will always remain in my mind as the day that my life changed forever. I was just told […]

Lynn Lane and Molebatsi Pooe-Shongwe Have a ‘Conversation’ Today

Lynn Lane and Molebatsi Pooe-Shongwe Have a 'Conversation' Today

Today, Lynn Lane, the executive director/founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a ‘Survivor’ himself sits down with a dear friend whom he met at the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in Ireland, Molebatsi Pooe-Shongwe. Molebatsi is a breast cancer ‘Survivor’ from and living in South Africa with a ‘voice’ that resonates around the world. […]

“My Voice” by Alyssa Schiller

"My Voice" by Alyssa Schiller

Let’s start out with my vital statistics – I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29 in 2005.  I don’t remember all the verbiage used to describe it and haven’t cared enough to go back and look either.  It required that I have a mastectomy, chemo and radiation – I opted to have my […]

“My Voice” by Cindy Haskett

"My Voice" by Cindy Haskett

Breast Cancer – I have to say I never thought I would have to deal with that.  And if I did, I thought it would be when I was old and had already lived a long life.  When you’re 36 and healthy you don’t think you could be affected by such a thing.  So when […]

Heather Swift and Lynn Lane Have a ‘Conversation’

Heather Swift and Lynn Lane Have a 'Conversation'

Today, Lynn Lane (Executive Director/Founder/’Survivor’) has a very intimate and fun ‘Conversation’ with an amazing ‘Survivor’, Heather Swift. Heather is a 2x ‘Survivor’ with one amazing life filled with adventure and excitement. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then later with breast cancer. If you are looking for inspiration, Heather will bring it […]

“My Voice” by Marilyn Blundin

"My Voice" by Marilyn Blundin

Survivor:  (noun) one who outlives another; an animal that survives in spite of adversity; a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; a human being.  Visual Thesaurus, Ver.3 The word ‘cancer’ isn’t found in this definition for survivor—however both words are encapsulated in the definition “ human being’, simply part and parcel of life.  And in […]

“My Voice” by Nicole McLean

"My Voice" by Nicole McLean

All of my life, I’ve been really blessed to be in pretty good health. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises — and one broken arm when I was six — I’ve spent very little time in doctor’s offices or at the hospital. Not so much as an allergy or hay-fever to slow me down. […]