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“My Voice” by Diane Martin

"My Voice" by Diane Martin

I WANT TO REALLY LIVE BEFORE I DIE My Nan and Granddad Christmas had three sets of twins, with my mother being a twin, she met my father who was also a twin they had me and my twin sister Kathy. Within my mother’s family aunties, uncles and cousins there has been 7 types of […]

“My Voice” by Mark Porter

“My Voice” by Mark Porter

I was driving in my car on May 3rd, 1998 when I felt a dull ache in my groin. It felt like a bit of cramp, so I wasn’t too worried about it. The following day, when I got up, the ache was back. With every day that passed the pain increased. After about a […]

“My Voice” by Nick O’Hara Smith

"My Voice" by Nick O'Hara Smith

It was April 1988 and I’d just woken up mad as hell, because I’d failed in an attempt on my life. I’d not taken the decision to end my life flippantly. After all, I’d just survived Cancer, having just been declared Cancer free at the end of my treatment. Life should have been good, but […]

“My Voice” by Matt Wakefield

"My Voice" by Matt Wakefield

My  name is Matt Wakefield, I’m from Birmingham, England and I am a Survivor. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in June 2000, but that was only after ignoring the small pea-sized lump on my left nut for seven months. You know what us guys are like- feeling invincible, and the thought that it may […]