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“My Voice” by Karen Yee

"My Voice" by Karen Yee

I noticed something was different about my breast.  It looked yellow and a little pinched.   I was 43, and hadn’t had a mammogram yet.  I looked in the phone book and found a listing for “Breastlink Breast Center”.  I went in on a Wednesday for my appointment.  They did a biopsy that day, and I […]

Miriam Liggett Shares Her ‘Voice’ on Video

Miriam Liggett Shares Her 'Voice' on Video

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing ‘Survivor’ whom we met at the recent Liver Symposium in Fort Worth. Miriam Liggett is an Inflammatory Breast Cancer ‘Survivor’ who has had metastasis to the liver. Her story is perspective on what this thing called ‘Survivorship’ is all about is truly fantastic. She definitely […]

“My Voice” by Sandra Miceli

"My Voice" by Sandra Miceli

In March 2005, I fell at work and as a result, I needed knee surgery and I had really hurt my back. After a lot of x-rays and physio, it was decided that they couldn’t do anything for my back and that I had to learn to live with my pain. After a few months, I went back […]

“My Voice” by Lora Lee Boynton

"My Voice" by Lora Lee Boynton

I am not a cancer survivor – I am a Cancer Warrior! ‘It is cancer I’m afraid.’ My surgeon laid his hand flat on his desk like a silent gavel coming down following a verdict.  Having already had cancer as a young girl, I never thought I would hear those words again.  I had done […]