“My Voice” by Robert Marraro

"My Voice" by Robert Marraro

When Your World Comes Crashing Down Around You I remember that day long ago when my world as I knew it would be turned upside down and inside, out. It’s forever etched in my memory. It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2001. I was blessed and thankful for many things, but my feelings of gratitude […]

“My Voice” by Rich Ehrmann

"My Voice" by Rich Ehrmann

I’ve sat down four times to write this. The first three ending in a blank sheet of paper and nothing to write. Guess I had nothing to say, now I do. It’s strange how the floodgates can open up at times. There are five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining,depression, acceptance. I’ve never gotten past […]

“My Voice” by Dianne Tufo

"My Voice" by Dianne Tufo

It’s been three months only three months and every day I relive that last week ,those last moments. I can see Mike clear as day holding my hand looking at me me telling him it is okay, no more pain, no more cancer, it’s okay to go to sleep. That the boys and I would be […]

“My Voice” by Annemiekeh Janssens

"My Voice" by Annemiekeh Janssens

I just got home, celebrating passing the test for my drivers license as my uncle called us to let us know what the doctor’s had to say about the reason that his 14 year old daughter was tired all the time and had been for the last three months. Their GP had thought she had […]

“My Voice” by Manfred Van Kuijk

"My Voice" by Manfred Van Kuijk

Ever since my father had his heart attack, he was having problems with his health. The doctors just didn’t know what caused the problems. They did all kinds of research, but nothing. Then at one point in 2008 he got a “new” doctor. This doctor decides to start all research again from the beginning. The […]

“My Voice” by Dianne Tufo

"My Voice" by Dianne Tufo

As I waited from 8:30 am for two doctors’ offices to call me back, I had four boys to contend with as I do any day of the week. I had to explain, “Not today, we’re waiting for Daddy’s doctors to call us why don’t we go outside and play in the kiddy pool”, with the […]