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Colleen Marlett Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes from a new friend of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation”, Colleen Marlett. Colleen was diagnosed with a very rare small cell cervical cancer and through her ‘voice’, she shows all of us what being a ‘Survivor’ is all about. I really can’t thank her enough for opening up in the ‘Written Word’ […]

“My Voice” by Colleen Marlett

"My Voice" by Colleen Marlett

My story of survival I believe started at the time of my birth.  Although I won’t take you down that long and winding road I will tell you it has been one hell of a journey.  I was adopted at birth by a wonderfully loving and nurturing family.  They are my family through and through.  […]

Christine LeGrant Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word”

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing woman who was already an activist before her diagnosis with stage 3 colon cancer and then after her diagnosis found herself continuing that path with added fever. Christine LeGrant is definitely a ‘Survivor’ and shows this each and every day in her life. I can’t […]

“My Voice” by Christine LeGrant

"My Voice" by Christine LeGrant

Years ago, I attended a rally for patients’ rights. Among the demonstrators I saw groups of cancer survivors carrying signs and chanting, some with their surgical scars showing. I had worked for many years as an oncology nurse and was, at the time, a physician assistant working in an HIV/AIDS clinic. I knew many people […]

New “Voices of Survivors Foundation” MeetUp Group is launched in Houston!

Click here to check outThe Voices of Survivors! Today the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” launched the first official MeetUp group. These groups will be all over the country as well as internationally to give ‘Survivors’ a way to get together, share their ‘voices’ with one another and get out and have fun. It’s all about […]

Ray Hebert Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us from a very special person on so many levels. Ray Hebert was a world class athlete serving on the 1977-1987 US Ski Team as a cross country skier as well as on the Cycles Peugot Team as a professional cyclist but his huges accomplishment is the work that he does […]

“My Voice” by Ray Hebert

"My Voice" by Ray Hebert

One day I got a note from the company that I worked for.  The gist was, to provide more benefits to you we have decided to double the amount we charge you for insurance and of by the way triple the deductible.  Oh I felt so thrilled to be offered this great opportunity. So off […]

The New “Voices of Survivors Foundation” Mobile Website is Up!

The New "Voices of Survivors Foundation" Mobile Website is Up!

We all know how painful a regular website can be to look at on our mobile phones so we decided at the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” to transform our website into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, or BlackBerry StormTM touch mobile device. We completed the work on it last […]

Diana Parker Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) breast cancer ‘Survivor’, Diana Parker shares her most amazing ‘voice’ with us in the ‘Written Word’. Diana becomes the first person to share their ‘voice’ in the ‘Written Word’ on the new “Voices of Survivors Foundation” website and I can’t thank her enough. We all know that each and every […]

“My Voice” by Diana Parker

"My Voice" by Diana Parker

My name is Diana Parker, I live in Ohio. I am 47 years old; I was diagnosed when I was 44. My story begins a lot like everyone else’s, go in to get something checked, and the doctor said honey I’m sorry you have breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma […]

Today, Lynn Lane has a ‘Conversation’ with Crawford Inglis of Scotland

Today, Lynn Lane has a 'Conversation' with Crawford Inglis of Scotland

Well, the new site has officially launched for the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and with that we really are thrilled to bring you another amazingly powerful ‘Conversation’ to kick the launch off properly. This time, Lynn Lane (executive director/founder) sits down with a dear friend and amazing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ‘Survivor’, Crawford Inglis of Scotland. Lynn […]

The New “Voices of Survivors Foundation” Website is Live!

The New "Voices of Survivors Foundation" Website is Live!

We are incredibly thrilled to be able to unveil the new “Voices of Survivor Foundation” website tonight. We initially anticipated the unveiling to be on Monday but our eagerness and excitement pushed us to go ahead and reveal it this evening. Tomorrow is an exciting day for us at the foundation because we will share […]

“Check Yer Nuts!” by Matt Wakefield

"Check Yer Nuts!" by Matt Wakefield

My name is Matt Wakefield. I’m 29, engaged to a beautiful lady and have two amazing twins, Sammy and Bethany. I also have one nut. Yep, I’m a Testicular Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2000, almost ten years ago. But that was only after ignoring a small pea-sized lump on my […]

“My Voice” by Angie Suttles

"My Voice" by Angie Suttles

This is My Story In 1998, after being treated for what I was told was just an “infection,” I was diagnosed at the age of 31 with a rare vulva cancer, which had invaded one lymph node in my pelvic area. Following radical surgery, I was given radiation to the area and told that I […]

“My Voice” by Jason DeSousa

"My Voice" by Jason DeSousa

What does it mean to be a survivor? It means there is a bright future ahead of you. It means that you are one of the lucky ones and you have a unique perspective on life. Some may not see it that way, especially those recently diagnosed. I was diagnosed 21 years ago and I […]

“My Voice” by Angela Van Treuren

"My Voice" by Angela Van Treuren

I am just three months into my cancer journey, and I know that I am already a survivor! I had no symptoms, I had no signs that anything was going on. On September 11, 2009 I went in for my routine annual physical, on September 18 I received the call that something was abnormal. On […]

“My Voice” by Debbie Cook

"My Voice" by Debbie Cook

It has been a little more than 19 months that I received my 2nd diagnosis of breast cancer. On April 11th, 2008 the diagnosis was a triple negative,  invasive ductile carcinoma, Stage 3. This time it was more aggressive and I had a very aggressive 2 rounds of chemo and a mastectomy. Thirteen years ago I had been […]

“My Voice” by Donna Trussell

"My Voice" by Donna Trussell

At first surviving meant putting one foot in front of the other. After surgery I was on painkillers, but sometimes reality would break through the fog. And that reality was: You have cancer. You’re stage III. You may die soon. I knew how to be me – I’d been doing it all my life. I […]

“My Voice” by Andrew Gemmell

"My Voice" by Andrew Gemmell

I still remember March 26th 2008 like it was yesterday, it was a month before my 22nd birthday and I was exhausted from work. Being so tired, I had decided to go to bed rather early the night before. Unfortunately, sleeping was something I was not going to be doing a lot of that night. […]

“My Voice” by Cassie Stewart

"My Voice" by Cassie Stewart

December 28, 2007 will always be a strange day for me, that’s the day they found my lymphoma. I’d had bronchitis about two weeks before Christmas and even after finishing the antibiotics I didn’t feel better. Two days after Christmas my sister and I were shopping. I coughed really hard and felt something move in […]

“My Voice” by Steve Schoger

"My Voice" by Steve Schoger

What it means to me to be a co-survivor? In my video I said that being a survivor meant conquering the disease.  I didn’t mean to be smug.  All survivors know that cancer can rear its ugly head and bite when we are least expecting it.  And I realize that there are others that may […]

“My Voice” by Jody Schoger

"My Voice" by Jody Schoger

Growing up in southwestern New York and Iowa left me with a deep connection to the world of living things.  My brothers, sister and I would spent hours outside – from building castles and forts in the woods to sliding into mud puddles when the rain fell just right.  Early on I loved the changing […]