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“My Voice” by Janis Fitzgerald

"My Voice" by Janis Fitzgerald

At the height of a promising career, two lovely twin boys, a happy marriage and lovely new dream home I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer at the age of 40. I had always thought I lead the ‘good’ life to lower my risk. I practiced everything the advocates told me to.  I prayed […]

“My Voice” by Mike Tufo

"My Voice" by Mike Tufo

OUR STORY – BY “THE” MIKE TUFO  (SYNOVIAL SARCOMA) I’d love nothing more than to claim this story as my own, however it doesn’t belong to just me.  This story includes my wife, Dianne and my children, who have been on this ride with me. It began in October 2007, while playing with my four […]

“My Voice” by Kimberly Hicks

"My Voice" by Kimberly Hicks

“You have an 80% chance of dying and we’re going to amputate your leg.” This was what I heard the first time I had cancer, at the age of 15. The last time I was diagnosed, I was told to “tie up loose ends and live for the short term”. My mother got upset when […]

“My Voice” by Alissa Gores

"My Voice" by Alissa Gores

So where to begin? I guess the beginning. In July of 2004, I was diagnosed with “pre-cervical cancer”, my Doctor said it would be fine for me to have kids but I should start right away and after I was done I would need a hysterectomy. I was a little scared, but my Doctor was […]