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Ryan Joudrey Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’ Today

Today we have an incredibly powerful ‘voice’ that is being shared by a longtime friend and supporter of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation”, Ryan Joudrey. We are thrilled to have him open up honestly about his own experiences and journey into ‘Survivorship’ after being diagnosed with cancer. If you are looking for a boost of […]

“My Voice” by Ryan Joudrey

"My Voice" by Ryan Joudrey

At age 21, in the fall of 2002, it seemed I was in the prime of life and had everything going for me – living on my own, lots of great friends and family, loving University life, a fairly active and healthy lifestyle, plus a girlfriend I’d been with for a year.  That was, until […]

Melanie Singh Shares Her ‘Voice’ Today in the “Written Word”

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing breast cancer ‘Survivor’, Melanie Singh. Melanie gets very honest with the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” today about her experiences and journey into her own ‘Survivorship’. If you are looking for inspiration today, this is definitely the place to get it! We can’t thank her enough […]

“My Voice” by Melanie Singh

"My Voice" by Melanie Singh

It has been nearly 4 years since that awful day – the day I learned I had breast cancer. I was only 35 years old, and breast cancer does not run in my family. And silly me… I thought that the Universe was done doling out medical problems to me. After all, I had already […]

David Lewis Shares His ‘Voice’ in the “Written Word” Today!

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing ‘Survivor’: David Lewis. David opens up honestly about his own diagnosis with male breast cancer and takes us along his journey into his own ‘Survivorship’. He shows us that men do get breast cancer and that we all need to be more aware of this […]

“My Voice” by David Lewis

"My Voice" by David Lewis

March 30th, 2001, became a day that would change my life forever. It was the day I learned I had breast cancer. Just two days earlier I had a biopsy done in the office where I worked as a physician assistant in a general surgery practice. You can imagine my shock if you consider that […]

Teresa Ward Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the “Written Word”

Today we have a very special ‘voice’ to share with the world. Teresa Ward, an amazing and incredible Non-Hodgkins/MCL ‘Survivor’ takes along her journey into her own ‘Survivorship’. She is very honest and open about where she is now and what her journey has been like. She is without a doubt, a true ‘Survivor’ who […]

“My Voice” by Teresa Ward

"My Voice" by Teresa Ward

My name is Teresa Brown Ward and I am a Survivor. Being a survivor to me means I am here to be with my family.  My son was only seventeen when I was diagnosed.  My husband and I had just celebrated our 7th anniversary.  I have two stepsons and a grandson who need me too.  […]