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“My Voice” by Robb C. Sewell

"My Voice" by Robb C. Sewell

Lucky Man by Robb C. Sewell One of my all-time favorite musicians is Dave Koz. The man is a most amazing saxophonist — charismatic, and mesmerizing to watch. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of not only listening to his music and attending his concerts, but also interviewing him for a freelance gig. The […]

Joanne Shares Her ‘Voice’ on Video Today

Joanne Shares Her 'Voice' on Video Today

Today, we have another amazing ‘Survivor’ who has shared their ‘voice’ with the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” on camera. We met Joanne at the recent Liver Symposium in Texas where she became the 99th ‘Survivor’ to stand in front of the camera and share her story of ‘Survivorship’ with us. Joanne is a former Dallas […]

“My Voice” by Steve Schoger

"My Voice" by Steve Schoger

What it means to me to be a co-survivor? In my video I said that being a survivor meant conquering the disease.  I didn’t mean to be smug.  All survivors know that cancer can rear its ugly head and bite when we are least expecting it.  And I realize that there are others that may […]

“My Voice” by Kim Manson

"My Voice" by Kim Manson

I am Kim and I am 34 years old My partner – soon to be husband – of 13 years is Bryan. My sons are Daniel (6), Will (5) and my daughter Emma is 17 months. I have a little sister, a mum, a dad and a little brother. And we have melanoma. I say […]

“My Voice” by Chad Whitman

"My Voice" by Chad Whitman

My story begins in the fall of 2005, just before my 28th birthday.  I had a mole that was on the back of my head hidden under my hair.  I’d had it my whole life but it had always been just that, a regular mole like all the other ones I have.  One day I […]