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Michelle O’Rourke Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a true ‘Survivor’, Michelle O’Rourke. Words truly can’t describe the power and honesty that Michelle demonstrates as she takes us down her journey into her own ‘Survivorship’ after being diagnosed with stage 3b colorectal cancer. She is truly a ‘Survivor’ in every sense of the word and […]

“My Voice” by Michelle O’Rourke

"My Voice" by Michelle O'Rourke

Let me start by saying that I am a 35 year old mother, wife, daughter, niece, cousin and friend to some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. After that I am a “survivor” and cancer patient. When I was asked to write this I was given the instructions to be honest and […]

Deborah Kanter Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing stage 3 rectal cancer ‘Survivor’, Deborah Kanter. Deborah is a true warrior in every sense of the word. She has taken her diagnosis, turned it upside down and now is one of the strongest advocates ever. She has dedicated so much of her life to […]

“My Voice” by Deborah Kanter

"My Voice" by Deborah Kanter

Remember the song with the line, “I am a warrior”? I am. Yes, I am a cancer survivor but just being a survivor is not enough.  Since that day in April 1999 when what I had long suspected—cancer- was uttered by a gastroenterologist, I became Deborah-Survivor-Warrior. And basically, despite my holistic nature and fondness for […]

Marilyn Blundin Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer ‘Survivor’ in Italy, Marilyn Blundin. Marilyn’s journey is a fascinating one that has her living abroad, making her decisions as to where she will be treated and finding ‘Survivorship’ along the way. She is truly an awesome woman with a […]

“My Voice” by Marilyn Blundin

"My Voice" by Marilyn Blundin

Survivor:  (noun) one who outlives another; an animal that survives in spite of adversity; a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; a human being.  Visual Thesaurus, Ver.3 The word ‘cancer’ isn’t found in this definition for survivor—however both words are encapsulated in the definition “ human being’, simply part and parcel of life.  And in […]

Nicole McLean Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a powerful woman, Nicole McLean. Nicole shares with us her own journey into ‘Survivorship’ after being diagnosed with stage 3a breast cancer and finds herself as ‘Survivor’. I can’t thank her enough for allowing us to be with her for a moment and gain a deeper understanding […]

“My Voice” by Nicole McLean

"My Voice" by Nicole McLean

All of my life, I’ve been really blessed to be in pretty good health. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises — and one broken arm when I was six — I’ve spent very little time in doctor’s offices or at the hospital. Not so much as an allergy or hay-fever to slow me down. […]

Lynn Lane Has a ‘Conversation’ with Alex Hohmann Today

Lynn Lane Has a 'Conversation' with Alex Hohmann Today

Today is a very special day for the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” because today, Lynn Lane the executive director/founder and ‘Survivor’ sits down with his friend Alex Hohmann, a 2x testicular cancer ‘Survivor’ to talk about Alex’s own ‘Survivorship’ as well as Alex’s new support group that he has formed. Alex is truly a leader […]

Diane Huddleston Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing 4x ‘Survivor’ with a story that will truly astound you from genetic testing, misdiagnosis to gaining a hugely deeper understanding of what ‘Survivorship’ is all about! Diane Huddleston is truly a ‘Survivor’ in every sense of the word and I honestly can’t thank her enough […]

“My Voice” by Diane Huddleston

"My Voice" by Diane Huddleston

My name is Diane and I am a 4 time cancer survivor! For me to be able to write that is a MIRACLE! I feel so blessed to say I am a survivor. My story began by being born as a premature twin weighing only 3lbs. and 14 oz. about 2 months early so right […]

Jamie Lynn McClelland Has a ‘Conversation’ Today

Jamie Lynn McClelland Has a 'Conversation' Today

Today, we are treated to a very special and emotional ‘Conversation’ on video between executive director/founder and ‘Survivor’ Lynn Lane and an amazing colon cancer ‘Survivor’ Jamie Lynn Mclelland. Jamie Lynn opens up very honestly about her bouts with genetic colon cancer and it recurrences. Her ‘voice’ will touch your heart as you see the […]

Kelly Ruszala Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazing brain cancer ‘Survivor’, Kelly Ruszala. Kelly takes us into her journey of ‘Survivorship’ and gives us a story of misdiagnosis, self-advocacy, faith and coming out on the other side with an amazing smile. Her story is one that will make you stand up and cheer […]

“My Voice” by Kelly Ruszala

"My Voice" by Kelly Ruszala

At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called Medulloblastoma.  I’m proud to say that I’m a 5 ½ year survivor who has achieved every milestone doctors have set for me…and then some! May 18th, 2003.  After being misdiagnosed three times with everything from a sinus infection to TMJ, I […]

Ed Keelan Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of Ed Keelan, a man whose understanding of cancer is solid as he deals with it every day in his profession. His story starts in the most unlikely of places and progresses from there into one of hope, advocacy and compassion. Ed definitely gives us a deeper understanding […]

“My Voice” by Ed Keelan

"My Voice" by Ed Keelan

My story begins on August of 2001 in the Operating Room. I was a Surgical Tech working with an ENT doc and in the middle of the procedure he looks up at me and says, “You know you have a lump on your neck. You need to get that checked out because that can be […]

Lisa Boylan Revisits Her ‘Survivorship’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ is very special to not only the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” but also to the author, Lisa Boylan. Lisa came to recently asking me if she could revisit her ‘Written Word’ piece again but this time from the perspective of where she has been since she last shared her ‘voice’ with us. She […]

“My Voice” by Lisa Boylan (revisited)

"My Voice" by Lisa Boylan (revisited)

For two months, I was lost. I had prepared myself for the immediate recovery after a major surgery, but did not take it seriously when told I needed to plan for the long-term. Cancer is scary. Surgery is brutal. Recovery is all-over-the-place. I planned to be out-of-commission for about six weeks (although my doctor had […]

George Giefer, Jr. Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a long time supporter of  the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a really great guy, George Giefer, Jr. When you want to talk about a guy who definitely gets what being a ‘Survivor’ is all about, you need to look no further than to George. He gets […]

“My Voice” by George Giefer, Jr.

"My Voice" by George Giefer, Jr.

Just a brief story as to how this tumor was found… It was a mid-summer afternoon, and I like any 4 year old boy would do, was playing outside without a shirt on. When I came inside after playing, my mom noticed some unusual “shading” on the upper right part of my back. There were […]

Francesca Giessmann Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of an amazingly resilient stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma ‘Survivor’, Francesca Giessmann. Francesca’s story is one of power, overcoming challenges and honesty in how she dealt with her emotions from the moment that she heard that she had cancer until today! She is truly a ‘Survivor’! I can’t thank […]

“My Voice” by Francesca Giessmann

"My Voice" by Francesca Giessmann

I was young.. on the top of the world.  Hard work had payed off and I had just started a thriving consulting business.  My 3 year old son, out of diapers, was turning into this incredible little creature that I wanted to get to know and spend more time with.  My beloved husband by my […]

Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski Have a ‘Conversation’ Today

Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski Have a 'Conversation' Today

Today, we are treated to a very casual and honest ‘Conversation’ between executive director and founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” as well as being a ‘Survivor’ himself, Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski, an amazingly talented photographer and brain cancer ‘Survivor’. Danielle opens up about her own diagnosis, what she went through mentally and […]

“Voices of Survivors International Film Festival” Logo Unveiled

"Voices of Survivors International Film Festival" Logo Unveiled

We recently announced that we would be putting together the First “Voices of Survivors Foundation” International Film Festival this year and everything is moving forward, we are working out the logistics of the online submissions and will have the applications forms online very soon. We wanted to go ahead and roll out the new VOSIFF […]