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“My Voice” by Paula McCoy

"My Voice" by Paula McCoy

In May of 2006, I was preparing to move out of province, where I would have work. I was living at home at the time; however, life planned it differently. June 5, 2006 is a day that will always remain in my mind as the day that my life changed forever. I was just told […]

“My Voice” by Linda Ockwell-Jenner

“My Voice” by Linda Ockwell-Jenner

As I get ready to walk out onto the stage, in front of 500 breast cancer survivors, I think back to a time when I had no idea I  would be standing here today about to inspire others with my story. I really did not like working at the shoe store, but I had to […]

“My Voice” by Meghan Cheung

"My Voice" by Meghan Cheung

After an ultrasound, CT scan, gastroscopy, and MRI, I had an emergency appointment at the cancer centre.  I met the doctor and the nurse who are both awesome.  Fun Fact: My mom taught my doctor when he was in high school! The doctor explained that I had a tumour that was touching my stomach and […]

“My Voice” by Lindsay Reakes

"My Voice" by  Lindsay Reakes

My cancer journey…and nightmare started in 1999.  I was 16 years old and invincible.  I had rocked the SAT’s after being the only person in my school to write them and I was offered softball scholarships in the U.S. to play college ball.  I hadn’t felt like myself all year, but any doctors I went […]