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“My Voice” by Lisa Boylan (revisited)

"My Voice" by Lisa Boylan (revisited)

For two months, I was lost. I had prepared myself for the immediate recovery after a major surgery, but did not take it seriously when told I needed to plan for the long-term. Cancer is scary. Surgery is brutal. Recovery is all-over-the-place. I planned to be out-of-commission for about six weeks (although my doctor had […]

“My Voice” by Danielle Nealis

"My Voice" by Danielle Nealis

I never realized that I would have a story.  It kind of came out of nowhere.  About a year after my second daughter was born, I had gotten a hernia that needed repairing.  During that repair, the surgeon found a tumor, which was biopsied and sent to Atlanta for diagnosis, since no one at my […]

“My Voice” by Lisa Boylan

"My Voice" by Lisa Boylan

I can now add ‘cancer’ to the long list of things that have defined me. Other things, such as; receptionist for a world-renowned rock band; local television spokes-model; designer of  surfing t-shirt’s – those things were much more fun … however they probably didn’t shape me in the way cancer is shaping me now. My […]

“My Voice” by Kelvin Lynch

"My Voice" by Kelvin Lynch

My tumor first made its appearance when I was 25 years old. I was living in Atlanta, I was working at a hospital, and I was having the time of my life.  Suddenly, over the course of a few weeks, I started having sharp shooting pains down my right arm and noticed a lump in […]