Betty Shares Her ‘Voice’ on Video

Betty - 'Survivor'

Today’s ‘voice’ has been planned for a very long time…actually it was planned before the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” was a foundation, before it was even an organization. This one was thought out back with VOSF was just a project that I had online after my own diagnosis with cancer. I knew that I was going to continue collecting ‘voices’ to share with the world so that people would never feel alone once they heard those three words: “You have cancer”. I didn’t know that it would become what it has become, I only knew that people needed to see others who looked like them, sounded like them and were/had gone through similar experiences with cancer. All along, I had planned for the 100th ‘Survivor’ Video to be that of my mother, the hugest inspiration and support that I have in my life. So with that said, today’s ‘voice’ is truly the most important ‘voice’ to me…it is that of my mom! She is definitely a ‘Survivor’! We have officially hit our 100th ‘voice’ shared on camera with hundreds more shared in the ‘Written Word’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Conversations’ sections of the website. I can’t thank everyone enough for believing in us for this whole ride and a huge thanks to my mom for being just that…my mom! matter what: It’s all about ‘Survivorship’! – Lynn Lane (executive director/founder)

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