“My Voice” by Bruce Blount

Bruce Blount - 'Survivor'

Hello there. My name is Bruce Blount, and I am a brain tumor survivor. Sixteen years ago I was treated for it, and by the grace of God, it has not returned. Statistics are grim for this type of tumor – so I don’t look at them! I had a prospering career in the U.S. Air force. I excelled in it – imagine a previous “Long Hair” all cleaned up and winning awards! It was my calling – or so I thought (!)

After 12 years of military service, some strange symptoms began to appear. Being the “macho” military person I was – I ignored them as best I could! I finally went to a doctor on the military base – who ordered an MRI. “A large mass”…were the words I heard. Two days later, I was operated on, being told I was within two weeks of dying, my body systems were shutting down, etc… I knew of the severity of my diagnosis of brain tumor, but never did I entertain the possibility of death. One MUST have a positive attitude – of that, I am sure!

Since treatment, I have made many strides forward, and garnered awards and recognition. None would have been possible without the positive attitude! Now I’m going to say something that will leave many readers angry and confused….The brain tumor was the BEST thing that ever happened to me! In my case, it gave me purpose and direction. I have accomplished way more than before the illness. Many people have told me that I have helped them on their journey through “Cancer World”. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment!

Don’t misunderstand – I was ILL…Hospitalized for 3 months, I had to be taught how to sit up again! I could not swallow, I could not eat, or talk, or breathe correctly. I saw double (still do), and had extremity weakness. But – I was alive!!!

I looked at my treatment as a journey I had to take – and found it to be interesting…I had never before been here! I was fascinated by the technology. And, I made the best of it – humor was my companion! Once when attempting to enter an elevator, I found it to be full of people – there was no room for me and my wheelchair. I spoke up, “OK, some of y’all have to move – I’m a brain patient!” Some did, and I got on the elevator. What was the worst that could happen – a brain tumor? I had already had one of those!!

After the three months of hospitalization, I was discharged. That was 16 years ago – and I still look at my life as a journey! I have dedicated myself to brain tumor awareness, and have accomplished lots of stuff that I’ll not go into – it sounds like bragging!

How long will I live? Only God knows that answer. But, I guarantee I will have fun!

A couple of thoughts for you….

We all have only seconds left to live. Some have more than others…Let’s not waste a SINGLE one!!!

I’m not saying that having a positive attitude will lengthen your life…but will enjoy what you have more!