Christina Radzilowicz Shares Her ‘Voice’ Today

Christina Radzilowicz and Her Children

Today we are giving the great gift of a very strong ‘voice’ by an awesome ‘Survivor’, Christina Radzilowicz. She’s a very strong woman whose ‘voice’ resonates loudly! She’s an ovarian cancer ‘Survivor’ and her story will make you stand up and cheer because she is that amazing! Check her out in the ‘Written Word’!

In regards to VOSF, we’ve been a little busy with life and the goings on of adjusting to a new city, working on backend stuff for the website and getting ready to launch some new stuff this fall for the Voices of Survivors Foundation. Get ready to start back strong with ‘voices’ being shared regularly, working closely with many hospitals and care providers and VOSF putting together new projects and gathering all in the name of ‘Survivorship’…because that’s what it is all about!

*click on photo to go directly to her ‘Voice’!