“My Voice” by Gayle Weisman

Gayle Weisman - 'Survivor'

Today in the Written Word’, we have something a little different. Today, Gayle Weisman, who was the 47th ‘Survivor’ to share her ‘voice’ on camera, has contributed three of her wonderful poems. Each one truly captures what each of us has felt at one point or the other more than likely.

After Cancer Avalanche

A rush of emotions
Walking the tight rope, it’s a balancing act
Holding yourself together, getting out of bed
Anger, frustration, – where to put it
Pent up with rage
You had months to ignore
Now with life you begin to explore
What really happened to me
Starts to sink in
This was really major not just a swim
More courage than ever before
The real battle begins – life on a new trail
You’re not different they say – you’re still the same you
Maybe they should try on your shoes
Helpless and supportive – Caring and clueless
There are days when you are hanging by a thread
Wishing that it was all in your head

You want to feel normal, yet special at the same time
A few steps forward, a few steps back
How to act, what to say, where to go
Hours go by and it is not always on your mind
How refreshing you think…here it comes, here it creeps
You wish you could let it go – whisk it away
Someday they say it will be in the background
I’m longing for that day…for right now
It is here and there which  is better than it used to be
So I’ll keep trudging with my chin up in the air
Knowing I still have that smile, song, dance and flair!

Take One Look Back and You’ll Leap Forward

Sometimes you look back and it all seems so clear
You remember your dreams, hopes and fears
Funny how it seems so many years have gone by
Wishing you stop them, not let them fly
One a little girl, all grown up
Step back, take a look at the world,
You see it in a different light
With eyes open , it’s out of sight
Hoping to recapture what was once so small
You hold in your hand a key that can do all
So let yourself go – wild and free
Like a bird soaring high above a tree
Be careful, watch out
Take one day at a time – you’ll make it no doubt


Too much
Life is not fair – oh the old cliché
Right now I want to scream it from the roof tops
I did not choose this path
I want to get off – I can’t I’m stuck in the mud
Burdened by bills and pills and mental ills
This disease has taken away freedoms from me
I’m grown up but stuck, stifled
Feeling guilty feeling sad – it is a burden
I do not want to have
Chosen special I think not!