The New “Voices of Survivors Foundation” Mobile Website is Up!

New Mobile Website is Live!We all know how painful a regular website can be to look at on our mobile phones so we decided at the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” to transform our website into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, or BlackBerry StormTM touch mobile device. We completed the work on it last night and the code is all in place. If you have one of these mobile devices check it out! It is the exact same address but when viewed over your mobile, it converts to the new mobile version. If you are wanting the original site, you can select that from there as well. It is truly a unique experience with a very fast load time. This is one of many new cool things we are working on at the foundation to help make it easier to share ‘voices’ with the world! Remember: It’s all about ‘Survivorship’!