“Voices of Survivors” Houston Meet Up Next Tuesday Night, February 9th!

Houston Texas Meet Up Group

This is the first event for the new Houston Chapter Meet Up group for the “Voices of  Survivors Foundation” there will be many groups forming across the country and soon around the world. This group is designed to bring ‘Survivors’ together to share their ‘voices’ and experiences in their own ‘Survivorship’ with others no matter where they are in their diagnosis or treatment. It is for the recently diagnosed, currently in treatment or post-treatment cancer ‘Survivors’! You are a ‘Survivor’ once you hear those three words, “You have cancer” and you are not alone. This group is not a support group per se’ but at the same time it is. It is about living, getting together,  sharing experiences and having fun!

Remember, it’s all about ‘Survivorship’!

Free admission. Open Mic Poetry Reading at this unique coffee shop on Taft between West Gray and Fairview in Houston. Starts at 8pm and lasts a few hours depending on the number of performers. Come and go as you please.

This will be a fun low key event in a great atmosphere!!! I love the Taft Street Coffee House!