“I’m a Survivor” by Jomaly Duran

When I had asked Jomaly to submit a poem for the “Written Word” she had told me about the first piece: “I’ll Be Fine” that she had written during her treatment. I had asked to also contribute a piece that was written from her perspective today on being a ‘Survivor’. Below you will see her piece. It is quite amazing!

Jomaly Duran - 'Survivor'

“I’m a Survivor”
By: Jomaly Duran

I won the battle
And I’m winning the war
Jumping over 10 foot hurdles
And knocking out the Ali of life
I surfed the tsunami of problems
And I didn’t even have a surfboard
I caught the terrorists that invaded my body
And killed them one by one with my chemical reaction
I’m a Fighter

I played dodgeball with life
Dodged most of the bricks
That were being thrown at me
They knocked me down a few times
Bruised my mind with negative thoughts
Corrupted my strength
But I never let it hurt my heart
I’m a Winner

As a mighty wind came
I took a deep breath
Inhaled the calm and exhaled the stress
It cured my wounds
And numbed the pain
It whispered into my ears
“It will be alright”
I let it fill me with happiness
While it rejected the sadness
It made me into a fierce soldier
A reinforced competitor
I’m a Contender

I took control of the wheel
Riding over bumps in the road
And swerving around the potholes
Driving through dark tunnels
Towards the clear, smooth road
Into the dawn of the rest of my life
I’m a Leader

I had cancer
And I’m a Survivor