Lynn Lane and Nick O’Hara Smith Have a ‘Conversation’ Today!

Lynn Lane and Nick O'Hara Smith

Today, Lynn Lane, the executive director/founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” and a ‘Survivor’ himself sits down for a video ‘Conversation’ with a great friend, Nick O’Hara Smith of the United Kingdom, who is a fellow ‘Survivor’, strong advocate and all around amazing guy. Nick and Lynn met at the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in Ireland last year and quickly became good friends with each of them truly fulfilling their mission of bringing about awareness in the global community about issues revolving around ‘Survivorship’. This is a seriously powerful ‘Conversation’ and one that should not be missed! It will be the first in a series of important chats that Nick and Lynn have together, with each one touching on different and important issues for everyone.

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