Central New Jersey Local Chapter of “Voices of Survivors” Meet Up

This meet up is being headed up by local chapter leader, Alex Hohmann an awesome ‘Survivor’!

Alex: “I’m proposing this as a low-key first meeting of the new Voices of Survivors Central New Jersey Chapter to give us an opportunity to meet each other, most for the very first time, in true New Jersey fashion. The Americana Diner (http://www.americanadiner.com) is centrally located in New Jersey near Exit 8 of the NJ Turnpike and serves excellent food. Please accept if you can so I can gauge interest in this time and place and find out in advance if I need to make advanced arrangements. I’ve scheduled this in an effort to give as much advance notice as possible and also to avoid the Easter weekend so we can all hopefully make it.”

If you haven’t checked out the local chapters, take a look at them in the “about us” section of the website. You can see all of the info for each one on their respective facebook page.