Dennis Clendennen Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Dennis Clendennen - 'Survivor'

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a friend of mine, Dennis Clendennen. Dennis and I met in the fashion world where we worked together on a photos shoot not too long ago. We quickly formed a friendship and I grew to know a man whom I have great respect for in his field and now in this arena. Dennis for a long time had been quiet about his cancer experience but now faced with a recurrence, he is coming out loud about his own ‘Survivorship’! Without a doubt, Dennis is a ‘Survivor’ and is now challenging all of us again to look at our own journeys and stand up and be heard! It’s all about ‘Survivorship’! Don’t miss his ‘voice’ in the ‘Written Word’!

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