Today We Begin a New Way to Share ‘Voices’…The “Portrait Project”!

Alma Nelly - Survivor

As many of you know, we are constantly trying to find new ways to share ‘voices’ and to help put a face to this thing we call ‘Survivorship’. We have been wanting to unveil this new idea but wanted the first person to be one person whom has truly inspired us in a huge way for all that she has overcome and her ability to face any challenge head on in her own ‘Survivorship’ and person is Alma Nelly! She’s a long-time ‘Survivor’ of two cancers and when it comes to ‘Survivorship’ she truly gets it! We are going to be profiling various ‘Survivors’ through photography and getting their take on what being a ‘Survivor’ means to them and where they are in their own ‘Survivorship’. Alma is the first of many to come!

* click on her photo to go directly to her ‘voice’