Lisa Boylan Revisits Her ‘Survivorship’ in the ‘Written Word’

Lisa Boylan - 'Survivor'

Today’s ‘voice’ is very special to not only the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” but also to the author, Lisa Boylan. Lisa came to recently asking me if she could revisit her ‘Written Word’ piece again but this time from the perspective of where she has been since she last shared her ‘voice’ with us. She wanted to be very honest with herself and the world about the depression that she found herself in post-treatment. Her story is raw and is something that many of us can relate to as we come to grips with the changes to our body, our mind and overall relationship to the world. Lisa is not alone and her ‘voice’ now allows others to definitely see that neither are they. Her sharing this part of her own journey through ‘Survivorship’ is so much about what VOSF is about. It is about being very real, allowing one to share their true ‘voice’, no sugar coating needed. We are all ‘Survivors’ and get it! This just proves again the strength and resiliency what we all have within us. Lisa, you are not just a ‘Survivor’ but you are a ‘SUPER SURVIVOR’! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your ‘voice’ in such an honest way. This will help so many and touch even more. You rock!