Dianne Tufo Shares Her ‘Voice’ as a ‘Co-Survivor’

Dianne Tufo - 'Co-Survivor'

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us by way of a dear friend of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation”, Dianne Tufo. Dianne shares her ‘voice’ today in a very powerful and real way allowing us to feel what she feels, if only for a moment. She talks about her feelings after losing her husband and a true friend of VOSF to cancer this past year. She expresses what so many of us feel after losing someone so close to us but oft times are afraid to say. Mike was a man amongst men and Dianne carries on his legacy each and every day. Don’t miss this and also please take a moment to remember our friend, Mike Tufo along the way. Mike has shared his ‘voice’ with VOSF on video, in the ‘Written Word’ as well as with a very powerful ‘Article’ on self-advocacy. Dianne also was the first person to share her ‘voice’ as a ‘Co-Survivor’ last year. These two have always been and always will be true friends of VOSF.

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