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Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski Have a ‘Conversation’ Today

Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski Have a 'Conversation' Today

Today, we are treated to a very casual and honest ‘Conversation’ between executive director and founder of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” as well as being a ‘Survivor’ himself, Lynn Lane and Danielle Krapinski, an amazingly talented photographer and brain cancer ‘Survivor’. Danielle opens up about her own diagnosis, what she went through mentally and […]

“My Voice” by Willette Northup

"My Voice" by Willette Northup

My cancer journey started Friday, March 13, 2009.  I couldn’t believe it, yes Friday the 13th of all days.  The month previously I went to my primary care physician and was told that the 4 day migraine that I was experiencing was simply just a sinus infection and was treated for a sinus infection.  I […]