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“My Voice” by Stacey Owens

"My Voice" by Stacey Owens

Let me paint a picture for you:  You’re a 20-year-old college student.  You are just winding down an amazing summer, and getting ready to go back to school to start your junior year.  Getting all of your routine doctors appointments out of the way, before you have to jump on a plane to the east […]

“My Voice” by Dorienne Plait

"My Voice" by Dorienne Plait

What in the world is a thyroid, anyway? I hardly understand anything my doctors are telling me. Thyroiditis? Nodules? Papillary Carcinoma? Excuse me, but I’m only 17. Can you put these terms more simply, please? And can you stop poking and prodding me and tell me what the hell is wrong with me? I feel […]