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“My Voice” by Brandon ‘Erk’ Erkkila

"My Voice" by Brandon 'Erk' Erkkila

It all started in the fall of 2005 while I was attending college in Michigan. On September 23rd I was lifting weights with friends and did a little too much on the squatting rack. That night I started to get a bit still and sore in my legs and decided to head to bed. I […]

“My Voice” by Fed Bernal, Ph.D.

“My Voice” by Fed Bernal, Ph.D.

11.22.06    Chemical Manipulation of SAH-p53-8 Purpose:    To optimize, through asymmetric dihydroxylation of its olefin cross-link, the solubility properties of a stapled peptide that targets the oncoprotein HDM2 in osteosarcoma cells –Laboratory Notebook Number III of Fed Bernal, Ph.D. I literally stumbled into the field of cancer chemical biology.  Having been trained as a synthetic organic […]

“Cancer Changes Everything…”by: Alex Hohmann

“Cancer Changes Everything...”by: Alex Hohmann

When I asked Alex to share his ‘voice’ in the ‘Written Word’, I knew it was going to be quite powerful. Alex was the 25th ‘Survivor’ to also share his ‘voice’ on camera in the ‘Video’ section. “Cancer Changes Everything…” …but it doesn’t have to change everything for the worse TC: Round One In 1996, […]