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New “Voices of Survivors Foundation” MeetUp Group is launched in Houston!

Click here to check outThe Voices of Survivors! Today the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” launched the first official MeetUp group. These groups will be all over the country as well as internationally to give ‘Survivors’ a way to get together, share their ‘voices’ with one another and get out and have fun. It’s all about […]

Ray Hebert Shares His ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes to us from a very special person on so many levels. Ray Hebert was a world class athlete serving on the 1977-1987 US Ski Team as a cross country skier as well as on the Cycles Peugot Team as a professional cyclist but his huges accomplishment is the work that he does […]

“My Voice” by Ray Hebert

"My Voice" by Ray Hebert

One day I got a note from the company that I worked for.  The gist was, to provide more benefits to you we have decided to double the amount we charge you for insurance and of by the way triple the deductible.  Oh I felt so thrilled to be offered this great opportunity. So off […]