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Colleen Marlett Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the ‘Written Word’

Today’s ‘voice’ comes from a new friend of the “Voices of Survivors Foundation”, Colleen Marlett. Colleen was diagnosed with a very rare small cell cervical cancer and through her ‘voice’, she shows all of us what being a ‘Survivor’ is all about. I really can’t thank her enough for opening up in the ‘Written Word’ […]

“My Voice” by Colleen Marlett

"My Voice" by Colleen Marlett

My story of survival I believe started at the time of my birth.  Although I won’t take you down that long and winding road I will tell you it has been one hell of a journey.  I was adopted at birth by a wonderfully loving and nurturing family.  They are my family through and through.  […]