Today Lynn Lane (Executive Director) has a ‘Conversation’ with ‘Survivor’ John Wagontall of Canada

Lynn Lane and John Wagontall

Today on ‘Voices of Survivors’, executive director/founder/’Survivor’ Lynn Lane has a very intimate and powerful ‘Conversation’ with prostate cancer ‘Survivor’ and cyclist, John Wagontall of Canada. John’s story is not only hugely powerful but incredibly inspiring as he talks about his journey into his own ‘Survivorship’ after being diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and how he took this diagnosis and turned it on its ear becoming one of the greatest male cancer advocates I have seen. His unique way of bringing about awareness is truly admirable and he literally has saved lives along his journey! We can’t thank him enough for sharing his ‘voice’ with the “Voices of Survivors Foundation” in a ‘Conversation’ today! Don’t miss this incredibly powerful video!