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Jamie Lynn McClelland Has a ‘Conversation’ Today

Jamie Lynn McClelland Has a 'Conversation' Today

Today, we are treated to a very special and emotional ‘Conversation’ on video between executive director/founder and ‘Survivor’ Lynn Lane and an amazing colon cancer ‘Survivor’ Jamie Lynn Mclelland. Jamie Lynn opens up very honestly about her bouts with genetic colon cancer and it recurrences. Her ‘voice’ will touch your heart as you see the […]

“My Voice” by Jamie Lynn McClelland

"My Voice" by Jamie Lynn McClelland

My story begins in 1982, when I was 6 years old. That is when I lost my mother to Colon Cancer. In 1982, there was no talk of Colon Cancer being hereditary. Fast forward 18 years. In January 2000 I consulted with my primary care physician about the loose stool I had been having. He […]

“My Voice” by Eric Charsky

"My Voice" by Eric Charsky

What do you get when you are speaking to someone who was born as a “blue baby”, who later at age two drowned and was resuscitated, at fifteen was DOA and knows the feeling of cold paddles being applied to his chest and shocked twice to keep him alive while in a coma for five […]