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Heidi Saum Shares Her ‘Voice’ in the “Written Word”

Today we have a woman who will make you stand up and cheer as she opens up in the most honest way possible about her journey into ‘Survivorship’! Heidi Saum was diagnosed in 2001 with an inoperable brain tumor and she didn’t take it sitting down. She is a multi-time ‘Survivor’! She gets it! It’s […]

“My Voice” by Heidi Saum

"My Voice" by Heidi Saum

My story of survival begins on March 31, 2001. After suffering a seizure I was rushed to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center where I was given the diagnosis: inoperable brain tumor in my left frontal lobe. Scared beyond belief, soon after hearing those words I asked the male nurse if I was going to die. When […]